Foreign economic activity

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The key objective of our activity is the creating of opportunities for our customers to develop and promote business in the markets of countries where we have extensive experience. This implies an extensive partner network, established channels of interaction with government and commercial structures, own representatives in the selected country and a deep understanding of the market nature and business relations.

If you are interested in promotion in the markets of the following countries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Belorussia, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, UAE, Italy, Germany, Finland, Czech, Poland, Serbia, India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Pakistan, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, then we are ready to provide the following list of services:

  1. An assessment of supply and demand for your product in the country’s market;
  2. Analysis of competitive offers in the country’s market;
  3. Providing information on planned large-scale projects in the country where the products of the Customer may be interesting;
  4. Analysis of the regulatory framework, the study of existing barriers to entry into the market and ways to overcome them;
  5. The collection of information in relevant ministries and departments of a foreign state about the prospects for the development of the market of interest products;
  6. Preliminary search for potential partners in the profile (at least 10 depending on the country);
  7. Mailing offers;
  8. Establishing contacts through telephone conversations;
  9. Assistance in the formation of competitive offers with considering the specifics of the market and local traditions;
  10. Preparation of the schedule of specialized events in the industry in a foreign state;
  11. Development of a business trip plan;
  12. Search and hotel booking;
  13. Assistance in obtaining a visa if it is necessary for organizing a business trip;
  14. Consultations on negotiating with foreign partners;
  15. The organization of videoconferences with potential partners;
  16. Assistance in concluding agreements between the Customer and involved companies on the conditions presented by the Customer;
  17. Control of the correctness and order of the first delivery of goods under agreements concluded between the manufacturer and the Customer;
  18. Other actions agreed upon by the parties in addition.