Research and entering new markets

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We conduct industry research for:

  • Technoparks;
  • Enterprise Development Centers;
  • Export Support Centers;
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry;
  • Production enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (privately).

For Development Institutions, we provide free analytical reports on the current state of the studied industries in the country of implementation, as a preliminary stage of organizing a Business Mission.

The studies are aimed at supporting the export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses in the region to foreign markets and include the following information:

  • Economic - geographical and political-geographical location of thecountry of study;
  • Contact information of diplomatic missions and non-governmentalorganizations of the Russian Federation in the country of study (including theembassy, consular offices; trade missions, representative offices of theChamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, and organizations assisting tradecooperation);
  • Review of the regulatory framework for the regulation of foreign tradein the country of research (including the basic regulations governing foreigntrade, customs tariff regulation, currency regulation, information on free(special) economic zones;
  • Practical aspects of market access in the country of study, includingpromising areas for Russian exports, main logistics routes, current traderestrictions, information about the possibilities of checking the businessreputation of local companies, information on the protection of exporters'rights (methods of protecting exporters' rights (judicial, non-judicial) andtheir order);
  • Specific features of doing business in the country of research, includingcultural aspects and business customs;
  • International events by industry in the country of research, includingconferences, forums, exhibitions, etc. (indicating the name of the event, thedate and place of the venue, the website of the event and contact information);
  • Leading companies in the researched country on the most promising partnershipsectors with their specialization and contact information;
  • Analysis of products (services) of export-oriented small and medium-sizedbusinesses in the region (20 enterprises), including the provision ofinformation on the availability of company in the country’s market with similarproducts (services). To select at least 10 export-oriented enterprises in theregion that are promising for cooperation with enterprises of the researched country;
  • The list of interested partners in the country of research, including thecharacteristics of companies, their duration in the market, contact details ofcompanies and their managers, the company's website for promisingexport-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

As a result of conducting a detailed analysis, at least 10 prospectiveexport-oriented enterprises in the region are selected for cooperation withenterprises of the country, for each of which we recommend at least 10potential partners from the country of study.

We independently request all information necessary for research fromexport-oriented small and medium-sized businesses in the region. The list ofselected enterprises is agreed with the organization-customer of the study.

Based on the results of the services provided, we provide a report onmarketing research in paper and electronic form.

II. I.The key task of our activity is the formation of opportunities for our clients to develop and promote business in the markets of countries with which we already have extensive experience, which means: a wide partner network, streamlined channels of interaction with government and commercial structures, our own representatives in the country studied, as well as a deep understanding of the nature of the market and features of business relations.

If you are interested in promotion in the markets: Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Belorussia,Armenia,Georgia,Iran,UAE,Italy,Germany,Finland,Czech,Poland,Serbia,India,China,Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos,Malaysia,Pakistan,Algeria,Ghana,Egypt,Morocco,Nigeria,etc., then we are ready to provide you with the following list of services:

  • 1. Preliminary market analysis: an assessment of supply and demand for your product in the country’s market; a preliminary assessment of the market capacity in this area of business; analysis of competitive offers in this market; provision of information on planned large-scale projects in a country where your products may be interesting.
  • 2. Search for potential partners: assistance in the formation of a competitive offer considering the specifics of the market and local traditions; preliminary search of potentially interested persons; sending out offers and establishing contacts; analysis of the database of preliminary contacts and assistance in choosing a partner.
  • 3. Assistance in visiting prospective partners and negotiation processes: hotel booking; transfers and organization and support of meetings; translation services; cultural program.

We are ready to create for you the perfect opportunity to achieve the desired result!