Coordination of Foreign trade activity

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This service that lasts more than 6 months is provided to enterprises which have foreign trade activity or just plan to promote their products and services at foreign markets.

What does this service include?

  • Estimation of supply and demand of your product at a market;
  • Analysis of competitors’ offers;
  • Providing the information about planned big projects in a country;
  • Analysis of legal and regulatory framework, research on barriers that prevent companies from entering a market and on ways to overcome them;
  • Collecting the information in field-specific ministries and establishments of a foreign country about perspectives of market development;
  • Preliminary search of potential partners in a particular field (not less than 10, depending on a country);
  • Mailing offers out;
  • Contact establishment via telephone negotiations;
  • Assistance in making a competitive offer considering specifics of a market and local customs;
  • Preparation of an agenda of field-specific events in Russia and abroad;
  • Drawing up an agenda of business trip, booking hotels and arranging for transfers, getting a visa etc.
  • Counseling on negotiation process, logistics, taxation, customs clearance, certification and legal aspects;
  • Informing about governmental and non-governmental measures to support exporters.