Partner search service

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The service of partner search consists of the following steps:

  • Request for materials from the service recipients (links to the site, presentation materials, commercial offers, promos, etc.);
  • Market analytics of the selected region / country, identification of the interest in the products / services of the customer in this market;
  • Formation of a list of potentially interested companies in the region selected by the customer (at least 20 enterprises);
  • Preliminary contact with a prospective buyer, sending presentation materials provided by service recipients;
  • Checking the business reputation of a prospective buyer;
  • Formation and provision of the final list of “warm” contacts with contact information of the responsible employees of the counterparties that are ready for further negotiations or for a personal meeting (at least 5, but not more than 10 enterprises);
  • Providing the customer with a report in both hard-copy and electronic formats by e-mail indicating the contact information on potential partners.