Report of the provision of partner search services for the Kamchatka Region company

8-06-2021, 13:42

At the request of the Export Support Center of the Kamchatka Territory, the team of the analytics department of the Business Cooperation Center "BGgroupp" performed a search for potential partners for a small and medium – sized business entity in the region - LLC "Peninsula Travel".

Peninsula Travel LLC is a tour operator that organizes trips to Kamchatka.

The company organizes one-day and multi-day tours, both individual and group trips. The routes are exclusive and created for active people, travelers with children, romantic couples and lovers of beautiful nature. 

Ensuring safety on the route is a priority for Peninsula Travel: the tourist is accompanied by classified guides and guide instructors.

With the help of BGgroupp’s partners in these countries and closed sources of information of the customs services 3 importing companies from China were found and online meetings with the companies were held. Despite the difficulties of nowadays such as online reality and closed borders for tourism in different directions, we managed to conclude a cooperation agreement.