May 28, 2021 a round table was held on the topic "Problems and prospects for the development of wood products export".

1-06-2021, 14:06

May 28, 2021 a round table was held on the topic "Problems and prospects for the development of exports of woodworking products" for novice and existing exporters of the timber industry complex of the Leningrad region.

The event was held in a part-time format.

The moderator was Igor Gunich, Deputy Head of the Export Support Center of the Leningrad Region, a certified trainer of the Russian Export Center (REC) Export School.

After the welcoming speech of the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of the Leningrad Region Yulia Kosareva, profile experts discussed with the participants the current measures to support the timber industry and voiced a number of specific proposals from government agencies to enter foreign markets.

The reports of Andrey Mironov, Head of the Representative Office of JSC Russian Export Center in St. Petersburg and Vadim Averin, Deputy Director of the Fund for Support, Entrepreneurship and Industry of the Leningrad Region, were also interesting on the topic of support measures.

The speech of Vera Shtokailo, General Director of the Leningrad Region Industry Development Center, especially attracted the attention of the event participants - information on the possible types of services of the Leningrad Region Export Support Center in order to increase the supply of products abroad and conclude export contracts turned out to be useful for many.

Zhanna Martynova, founder and CEO of Vladvneshservice LLC, spoke about the Russian woodworking export market during the Covid-19 pandemic. She cited statistics on the dynamics of export prices for woodworking products: on average, from 2019 to 2020, the cost increased by 20%, and also identified the top importing countries: USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Canada.

Igor Shageev, Development Director of TSK Osnova LLC, spoke about overcoming barriers in the export of woodworking products. Problems such as the lack of domestic demand and technical equipment, export bans, and a shortage of terminals in ports were discussed. The result and solution of these issues, according to the speaker, will be the possibility of joint work with the Vyborg port.

Within the framework of the round table, the participants received useful and relevant information on the export of woodworking products and measures to support the exporters of the industry, asked questions of interest and even entered into a constructive discussion.