Report of the provision of partner search services for a company in the Saratov region

22-04-2021, 16:38

The Business Cooperation Center BGgroupp, LLC under the direction of theExport Support Center of Orenburg region, Russia, is responsible for therealization of a range of measures to establish international cooperation,namely search for potential partners and online-negotiations for the Russiancompany CIT-ES LLC.

Company CIT-ES LLC develops and manufactures equipment for electrochemical corrosion protection of pipelines and other underground metal structures. With the help of partners in the Republic of Uzbekistan and closed sources of information from the customs services of BGgroupp LLC, a high interest in Russian products was identified and a list of potentially interested companies for further cooperation was formed.

6 online meetings were held, as a result of which 5 companies are interested in cooperation and expect a commercial offer. CIT-ES LLC is planning a personal meeting with another company and is also ready to provide converters with a telemetry system with a test period for a year.