Report of the provision of services for finding partners for a company in the Perm Region.

17-05-2021, 15:25

The Business Cooperation Center «BGgroupp», LLC under the direction of the Export Support Center of Krasnodar Region, Russia, is responsible for the realization of a range of measures to establish international cooperation, namely searched for potential partners and online-negotiations for the Russian company  «RIOS» LLC.

The «RIOS» company is a manufacturer of air ozonizers, which can be used not only in industry, but also in medical institutions, as well as in everyday life. One device allows you to disinfect both the smallest and the largest rooms by setting different use times and the delivered ozone concentration on the device.

In Serbia, 5 interested partners were found and online meetings were held with them. As a result of the verdicts, three companies are interested in selling RIOS products on the Serbian market, and an actual commercial proposal was sent to them.