The Report of the provision of services for finding partners for the company of Krasnodar Region

11-05-2021, 17:01

At the request of the Export Support Center ofthe Krasnodar Region, the team of the Business Cooperation Center " BGgroupp"performed a search for potential partners for a small and medium - sizedbusiness entity in the region " Yuzhnyy Polyus". 

The company "South Pole" is one of the largest producers of sunflower oil in Krasnodar Region in the city of Kropotkin. The company's products are sold under the trademarks  Yuzhnyy polyus, Krasnodarskoye otbornoye, Zhivoy Yantar', Frityurnoye.

In accordance with the information provided by the exporting company on the areas of application of their products, a search was carried out for potential partners in the Republic of India and in the EU countries due to established trade relations and high interest in the products.

As a result of online negotiations, potential partners were found in India and Spain. The colleagues exchanged contacts to further maintain the dialogue.