BGgroupp announces a set of participants for the "B2B Platform project"

27-05-2021, 13:08

In 2022, the Business Cooperation Center "BGgroupp" is implementing a large-scale international project - a B2B platform BGGROUPP.COM.

Today in the conditions of an active transition of business to online trade, we plan to launch the BGGROUPP.COM B2B platform. This platform is designed to quickly find a potential buyer and potential seller anywhere in the world. The platform settings will contain the functions and modules that are needed in the B2B sphere.

During the use of the platform, you will:

  • realize that it is effective as a tool for finding partners in Russia and abroad;

  • get the opportunity to enter new markets without opening a new office in another country;

  • increase the awareness of the company among potential buyers, etc


All users who submit an application before the end of June 2021 will be placed on the platform ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE.

f you agree to participatein the project, please fill out the form at the link.